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How do I prepare for a hike with BGHRVA?

This depends on the season, length, and elevation of each hike. Each scheduled hike includes: miles, route, location, and level of difficulty. However, all hikes do require the following essentials: water, comfortable and layered clothing and shoes/boots, snacks, and a positive attitude.

How often does Black Girls Hike RVA hike?

We hike at least twice a month. Most hikes are on Saturdays, but there may be some local scheduled for a weekday. Check out our link.tree for more details.

Can only women of color join?

We welcome all women of color and physical abilities to our group. While we appreciate the support of our allies and non-BIPOC people, we ask that you honor the group's exclusive safe space during our hikes. BGHRVA will host family and friends hiking events that is open to everyone.

Do we offer community outreach?

We have plans to connect with our local community that will focus on connecting with various youth groups as well as maintaining the upkeep of local trails.

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